Scrappin’ Great Deals has new digs!

Here’s Scrappin’ Great Deals’ weekly newsletter:

Moving Update …..   Well girlfriends, WE ARE IN !!!   It has been a bit more work than we anticipated, with a few minor glitches here and there, but we are in!!!!   The shop is coming together nicely even though we have umpteen gazillion boxes to still sort through!   We truly had no idea just how much stuff we had (now tell me, does anyone ever really know how much “stuff” they have until they move??!!!)   Until the kids have longed moved out, we are here to stay!!  
Now for those of you wondering …. DEPENDS  really do work!!  hee, hee!!   Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that our family would grow together as it has.  I am incredibly blessed (and very thankful for Depends!)   Our new home is lovely – I saw the previous owner a few weeks ago and ran up and hugged her.  I think I may have scared her at first until I said, “thank you for moving – we love your house so much!”   It already feels like home here, even though we have no idea what box Hannah’s under garments are in yet!!
Mr. Candy Man (aka the bestest hubby ever!) has been sooooo busy … he spent about 4 days building walls, shelves & putting flooring in so that we could set up our shop.  While he was doing that, we were busy packing up the store – I couldn’t even guess how many boxes it took (put it this way, lots of fingers & toes!!)  Today he’s been over at the old place filling holes, painting & mowing the lawn for the new owners.  I plan to make one last trip over and hide little scrapbooking goodies throughout the cupboards for the new owner!  Anytime we have spoken to them over the phone they sound as excited about our old place as we are about our new one.  We are simply thrilled for them.
Special thank-yous  are going out to my Mom, Grandma Gail, Carolynne, Kim & Heather – without your help we simply could not have pulled this together.  You have offered your support, your advice & your incredible chick-power!!   You all rock – thanks soooooo much!!! 
Now, onto our Wednesday Special …..


Spend $50+ before taxes & receive FREE shipping within Canada!

Offer includes all items on sale throughout the website!!

Offer does not include preorders, items marked as backorder or clearance items.

This special will run until Sunday, August 3rd @ midnight!!

And ladies, there is no limit to the # of orders you place!!


For those of you that have placed orders during our move-time, should your order qualify

(see notes above), we will happily deduct your shipping costs prior to processing your payment!!

Please note that because we are still sorting through inventory, orders may take a few

extra days to be shipped.  We will process them as quickly as possible.

We truly appreciate your understanding and support throughout our big move 🙂




Weekly Winner … Because we were not in operation this week, next Monday we will be giving away not one, not two – but THREE $10 gift certificates!!


Cuttlebug Update  Drum roll please …… OUR FIRST SHIPMENT WILL BE HERE BY THIS THURSDAY!!    Your preorders will be filled as quickly as possible 🙂

Gee, I’m thinkin’ Mr. Mailman doesn’t love Cuttlebug as much as we do!!  Or who knows, maybe he loves to be jumped at the front door!?!

Shopping in-person:  We are unable to offer in-person shopping until we are fully settled.  Pick up orders are still welcome starting Tuesday, August 5th & we are open for on-line shopping 24 hours a day!


Website & emails:    Our systems have been down throughout the move & are just back up and running today.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 



Thanks again everyone … I cannot wait to share with you some photos of our new place!!
Sheila & Mike

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