A Shout Out & Tips for Using Vellum!

I was doing some blurfing this evening, and came across this blog:


Today’s post is about using vellum – hope Ally doesn’t mind me sharing it with you!  🙂  I usually check with the originator/author first before I steal stuff, but couldn’t find a way of contacting Ally, without leaving a comment on her blog, so that’s what I did!

Today’s Tip Tuesday is all about vellum.

–  Print off song lyrics, essays, etc. onto plain vellum to add to the journalling of a page. Use an italic-like gray font to make it fancy yet subtle. Looks very nice!

–  Use tracing paper in place of vellum.  Tracing paper is a little more inexpensive.

–  If you have an out of focus photo that you want to use on a page, try covering it with vellum for a nice soft look.

–  Try tearing strips of vellum to achieve a “wavey” look to your lake and seaside pages.

–  Try adhering vellum with specially designed vellum adhesives like Scotch’s Vellum Tape or use brads, eyelets or staples to adhere it to your page.  You can also glue it down with glue dots that are hidden under larger elements on the surface, like under a flower on the top of your vellum.

– If you are using vellum in your ink-jet printer, ensure it is designed for an ink-jet printer.  This minimizes the dry time and print spearing.

– Store your vellum paper in an acid free 8.5×11 page protector and put it in a regular 3 ring binder for easy and flat storage.

– Need more space?  Try journaling on vellum and then adhere it over top of one of your photos for a great use of limited space.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tips!  If you would like to share a tip or two, please email Tara at thynner5@yahoo.ca and submit your tips for a chance to win our monthly prize!!!

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Ally
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 23:24:32

    Hi Kim!


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