I (heart) my DH! (and shopping, too! :)

A couple of random musings today…I went shopping yesterday to try to take advantage of the end of summer sales at a couple of my favourite stores, and OMG!  The bargains I was able to get were incredible!  I got these AMAZING “skinny pants” from Jacob Factory Outlet for $5.99 a pair!  I had to have 2 pair!  😉  I also got 2 cute little button-up tees for $5 each, and a kit vest….for…oh, about $3!  Then, I trekked on over to Rikki’s – love that store!  They send me a $10 off coupon every year on my birthday, so I used it to buy a dress, a cute orange tank, and a sleeveless sweater – all for $22!  *happy dance*  I LOVE LOVE LOVE bargains!  lol

Here’s my haul:

And…for part two of today’s ramblings…my DH is such a sweetheart!  I am so in love with that man!  We’ve been married for almost 7 years now, and I swear…I fall in love with him over and over again…!  I was having kind of a crappy weekend…was a little depressed…so, my DH came home with these!

Aren’t they beautiful?  I am one lucky woman!


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  1. Pat S.
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 19:52:20

    Sounds like your birthday just keeps on going, and going, and going 🙂
    The flowers are gorgeous!


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