TGIF & a Weekend Sketch Challenge

Hola my friends!  Hello out there!  Bonjour!  lol  I’m in a good mood today!  I have absolutely no mojo, but that’s okay, cuz I have some catching up to do on housework, and fun stuff like that.  *NOT* 


I got a comment on September 2 – from Pat S. – about this month’s reveal projects — that my work was “fun”!  I like that!  Thank you so much for the comment…….just for that, I’ll send you a LYB card kit!  Just email me with your snail mail addy, and I’ll get it off to you!  🙂

I did some more shopping this morning……..lovin’ those bargains!  I went to “Tall Girl” – they are having their summer clearout, and I LOVE their pants…they are actually long enough for me!  lol – I have an extremely long inseam – 36″, so it’s not that easy to find pants to fit me.  I got a pair of khaki-coloured casual pants – great for travelling – and they are actually TOO LONG!  LOL!  That NEVER happens.  Good thing I can sew.  I also got a couple of hoodies…I LIVE in those things…LOVE them, and a t-shirt.  The deals weren’t quite as good as yesterday, but still discounted a few times, and then 30% off the lowest ticket price.  Have I told you I LOVE bargains?

So, you must be wondering if I have done any shopping for scrapbooking supplies…….well, the answer is….











Of course!  LOL  I do most of my shopping at Scrappin’ Great Deals, cuz I happen to think that Sheila has the best deals, plus I’m a little biased lol 😉  But, there is the odd item that she doesn’t carry….so….I have to shop!  Sucks to be me, eh?  I went to Len’s Mill Store – a huge warehouse style store with fantastic deals on everything from scrapbooking supplies, to underwear!  lol  I got some black pop dots…they don’t show so much on cards….I like that!  I also got some glitter chipboard letters, and some coloured twine…some beads, um…a few odds and ends.  FUN morning!  🙂

So, I must get back to my housework….*sigh*

I’ll leave you with a weekend card sketch….have fun with it!  I’ll see if I can muster up enough mojo to make one based on my sketch.


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