Scrappin’ Great Deals’ Exciting Website News!

A message from the boss:
Good morning ladies!  Just a couple of notes to fill you in on this morning ….  
Some of our customers had to wait longer than others to view our new website.  This was a time-factor thing as different DNS providers pick up new websites on the internet at different times.  We’ve been told within 72 hours of us going live (which was Wed. afternoon) everyone worldwide will have access to the new site.   Because of this time-lapse, we’ve extended our 20% sale until Saturday, November 8th at 5:00pm 🙂   This should enable everyone to have a chance to browse the new site & take advantage of the 20% sale.
With regards to our current sale, we’ve been receiving some questions about the discount … the 20% does not show in your shopping cart – it will be manually deducted prior to any payments being made.  The 20% counts towards all inventory, excluding clearance, preorder & items marked as backorder.   It’s a great time to save on some great products!  Example – a Cricut Cartridge of $89.88 regular, would be $71.90 with the 20% discount 🙂   Cuttlebug Folders of $5.98 would be $4.78 with the 20% discount ….. Lots of great deals!   When aiming for free shipping, your pretax total should be $120 or more; as free shipping will be based on your adjusted total (reflecting the 20% discount).   All of this and more is highlighted directly on our 12 hour special page on our new website 🙂   If you have any questions regarding the sale, please do not hesitate to ask … we are hoping the above helps 🙂
Kim’s Kreative Kits … By the end of today we will have this information posted 🙂   Both Heather and Kim have done an amazing job with it!!
Spellbinders Update .. We are still awaiting our shipment to arrive – we are truly hoping it is here today or Monday.  Once they arrive, we will contact you to let you know your preorder is on it’s way.  Our couriers arrive after 5:30pm – if our shipment arrives tonight, we will work all weekend to ensure they get out the door for you 🙂
Thanks so much for everyone’s patience and support with working on the new site.  We still have some bugs to work through ..   We had one lady let us know about some ink on our website that was showing as $1700 …. I’m thinking that’s some pretty amazing ink!!  hee,hee!!   Thanks again ladies – we truly appreciate everything!!
Have a super day – enjoy this sunshine!!
Sheila & Mike


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