Happy Boxing Day!

Hello my friends!  Well, Christmas day is officially over, and I can hardly believe it.  It just seemed to come and go so quickly this year.  Anyway, Santa was VERY good to me this year!  I got a new lens for my camera!  I can’t wait to get out and snap some pics with it…!  It’s a zoom lens, which is exactly what I wanted!  Next on my wish list is a macro lens.  They are so expensive, tho!  They cost more than the camera itself!  Santa also brought me the most beautiful earrings and necklace set – Peridot (my birthstone) and diamond!  Absolutely stunning!  My DH…er….I mean Santa….has GREAT TASTE!  lol  My stocking was also STUFFED with chocolate…yikes…now my stomach is stuffed with it!  lol

I was doing a bit of blurfing (blog surfing lol) today, and came across this awesome blog with video tutorials for using Copic markers!  She is a certified Copic Marker designer, and has a number of video tutorials on her site, which are excellent!  Here’s the link:


Thank you, Sherrie for sharing your talent with us!

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!


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