Happy 2009!

Hello my friends!

 Happy New Year!

I have been a bad blogger lately.  However, my plan is to get back to (almost) daily posts again.  I was going back over the past year to see which blog posts you seem to like, and by an overwhelming margin, the tutorials are extremely popular.  My monthly Scrappin’ Great Deals’ reveals are a very close second.  So, my first scrappy goal for 2009 is to post more tutorials.  Of course, my second goal is to continue posting my SGD monthly kit reveals. 

My new papercrafting passion is COPICS!  These markers are so amazing.  I never really wanted to like them, because they are a little pricey, but, let me tell you, they are FUN FUN FUN!  They do take a while to figure out how to use them – they are not like any other colouring medium I’ve tried.  They are more like painting than colouring.  But, I am enjoying the learning process, and will be sharing my experiences with you.

My third goal is to re-organize my craft room, and purge some old product.  That’s a big one!  I have this huge, beautiful room with all kinds of work surfaces, and storage mediums, but it just needs an overhaul.  I tend to lose my mojo when my space isn’t neat and organized, but I’d rather be scrapping than cleaning and organizing!  lol

So, I do have a sneak peek for you.  I made this for a little party we had on New Years eve, but what I am showing you is not only teeny tiny, but it’s not the whole picture.  You’ll have to wait until the reveal to see more!  he he he. 

I also got creative with the party favours, and made hats!  lol  They turned out kind of cute, if I may say so myself, and they weren’t very difficult to make at all!  Let me know what you think…(or if you want to know how to make them, I’d be happy to share!).  My favourite one ended up being the one with the fibers, instead of the sparkly trim, and it was kind of a mistake!  lol – I ran out of sparkly fibers, so I improvised.

So, leave me a comment!  PLEASE!  I really want to know who’s been here.  It makes me smile!  Also, if there’s something you would like me to blog about, let me know…if I can accommodate you, I certainly will!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 13:05:18

    I love the peek of the banner and those hats are fantastic!! My dream job is to
    organzise people’s scrapbook rooms…so if you need a hand, give me a shout!


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