Reveal is Tomorrow!

Good Morning my friends!  It’s another snowy, cold day here in Southwestern Ontario.  I try to look at the beauty in freshly fallen snow, but………….I really don’t like snow.  I really don’t like cold weather.  *sigh*  Enough complaining.  I do live in Canada, after all.  *meh*

So, tomorrow is Reveal Day for my Scrappin’ Great Deals’ January kit!  I cannot believe how much scrumpdelilicious stuff there is in this kit!!!  You’re gonna waaaaaaaaaant it!  🙂  I still have so much left…I hope to get a few more projects completed today.  Speaking of SGD…tomorrow is the weekly sale, and I can’t wait to see what Sheila is going to come up with this week!

So, on to my Copic journey….which promises to be a loooooooooooong one!  lol  These markers are such an entirely different medium than anything I have ever tried!  My goal is to master them, and I am so determined!  Take a look at this…done with Copic markers, and obviously a TON of artistic talent:

I’ve been blurfing for Copic tutorials, and stumbled upon the above on this blog:

The tutorial is far to advanced for me, but it was *interesting* browsing the blog (to say the least!).  It’s not a scrapbooking blog, tho…the author is a designer, and obviously extremely creative in many artistic arenas.  Very inspiring.

I digress.  Back to my Copics.  (pronounced “Koepiks”).  Last night, I think I finally completed a card-worthy image!  I promised to share my journey with you….but, you must promise not to laugh!  Better yet, join me!  So, here’s what I have come up with so far. 


The scan certainly changes some of the colours, though.  I’ll have to figure out how to fix or improve that.  The image on the right was my first attempt, and the one on my left was my second.  The stamp is by High Hopes (isn’t it adorable?), and available from Scrappin’ Great Deals.  I stamped the image on SU Whisper White cardstock, using Memento Tuxedo Black ink.  I allowed the image to dry thoroughly before starting to colour.  If you’re impatient, you can heat set it with your embossing gun.  The Copic colour system is quite complex.  There are a few different types of Copics – mine are Ciao.  They are a little less costly than the (more popular) Sketch markers.  What I have learned – some of the differences between the two?  There are only 144 colours of Ciao, and apparently they hold less ink.  The barrel shapes are different – the Sketch markers are more squared-off, while the Ciao is round.  However, you use them both the same way.  The tips are the same.  They are both dual-tipped – one end is a brush, and the other end is more like a marker.  I haven’t even used the marker end, yet. 

The first thing I learned?  They are more like painting than colouring.  I have not done  much painting, so if you have, you will have a definite advantage. 

Next – understanding the Copic color system.  The colours are identified with letters and numbers, and each one means something.  There is a handy, PDF (printable) chart available from the Copic website: which explains the system in detail.  Click on the “Library” tab to download various information in PDF formats.  This is where I started. 

Next, I chose some colours, based on my patterned paper colours that I was planning to use on my card.  Then, I began to colour.  I tested the colours on the actual cardstock that I was colouring on (you can see my blobs on the scan).  I started with the kitty – seemed like a good idea to start with something relatively simple.  I started by colouring the entire kitty with the lightest shade – C-3 (which is cool gray).  Then, I started to play with darker shades of gray, but I don’t have any other cool gray shades, so I used warm gray shades, which didn’t give me the best result.  So, on Kitty #2, I used all warm grays.  I liked the result better.  Again, the scan really doesn’t represent what I see irl.  The blending does look better irl.  (you’ll just have to trust me on this!)  (The turtle on the right is actually a blue/green colour but looks gray on my screen.)

  I  tried a couple of different blending methods.  (The “blending pen” is not really for blending, though.  Another thing that’s important to know.  It actually REMOVES ink.)  You actually blend with darker colours, and there are a bazillion different ways to blend!  There’s the “tip to tip” method, which I tried first with mediocre results.  You actually take the lighter colour marker, and touch the brush tip to the darker colour marker, and shade your image, re-inking your marker as needed.  I’m sure this takes some practice.  Another method I tried, with slightly better results, was to use 3 different shades of the same colour, and use the middle shade to blend the lighter and darker shades together.  Finish by blending with the lightest colour, to get rid of any “lines”.  I found that colouring in “circles” (like I do with my prismacolour pencils and OMS, or Tombows), doesn’t work so well with Copics.  You actually blend by placing your lighter colour marker down on the darker section of your image, and brushing towards the lighter colour, in short quick strokes (if that makes any sense).  I would suggest – if you’re a beginner like me – to start with a much simpler stamped image than this one.  So, I finished by outlining my entire image with a very light shade of yellow.  Now, to put my image to use…what do you think?  Is it cardworthy?  Judge for yourself…check tomorrow’s blog post!

So, thanks for stopping by.  I hope this is somewhat helpful.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and do some blog surfing!  There are tons of talented Copic marker artists out there, who are happy to share their knowledge with the world!


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