Do you believe…

…that some things happen for a reason?  I’m not entirely sure I believe this, but when stuff like this happens, it sure makes me wonder.  So this is the situation…funny little story, really! 

I joined this group on Papercraft Planet ( – for High Hopes stampers (LOVE LOVE LOVE those stamps), and proceeded to post a couple of my cards.  Then, I was browsing through the wonderful cards from the other group members, and came across this one:

How freakin’ adorable is THAT?  I happen to LOVE that Leo the Lion stamp (my first HH stamp purchase, and I happen to be a Leo!).  I don’t think Andrea will mind me posting it here…I hope not!  Anyway, I left her a comment, compimenting her card, and asking her how she colored the image.  She responded that she used Copics…which totally intrigued me, because I am learning how to use these (wonderful) markers.  So, I added her as a “friend”, and then clicked on over to her blog, here —>  Well, how surprised was I to learn that she is from the same town as I am, AND, she is teaching a class at….you would never guess….Scrappin’ Great Deals!  (I design for SGD).  I had heard that “Andrea” was going to be teaching an upcoming class, but didn’t think I knew her…well, I do now!  How FUNNY is that? 

So, that’s NOT the end of my story.  I was blurfing a bit more this morning, and came across this blog:

So, I enquired about some beautiful, handmade products she is selling, and it turns out SHE is from the same town as I am as well!!!  Unbelievable!  That will certainly make it easy for me to purchase her stuff!  Hhhmmm….I guess she’s not only a friend now, she’s an enabler, too!  lol!

So, I am waiting to see who I am going to accidentally meet next….and wondering why I am being drawn to these super talented ladies through cyberspace…..

In the meantime, I have added their blogs to my blogroll.  Now, back to some scrapping!  🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. andrea murdock
    Jan 13, 2009 @ 20:09:59

    it’s so weird, and I thought you knew it was me LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a crazy crazy twist of fate and yes, I do believe things happen for a reason 🙂 SEe you soon at SGD!


  2. Corinne (aka Roxy)
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 15:32:45

    Do you know what’s even weirder….I know Andrea and Heather too !!!! You’ll love your class with Andrea…she’s a sweetheart !!!!


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