What a Fantastic Day!

Hello my friends!  I am in SUCH a good mood today!  Why?  Well, since you asked…I spent the day at Scrappin’ Great Deals!  I met so many fun and fantastic ladies today!  Some of them, I had “known” through their blogs, etc., but some of them don’t have blogs yet!  Can you imagine that????  Someone who scrapbooks, and makes cards, but doesn’t even have a BLOG?  I am sure there is some kind of law against that.  he he he *wink*  You KNOW WHO YOU ARE! 

I met Andrea today, whose blog is here —> http://www.mystampingheaven.typepad.com/  Actually, I had met her before, but today was kind of like our “official” meeting, lol.  Andrea is joining the Scrappin’ Great Deals’ Design Team!!!  How fantastic is THAT?  She will be making her official debut with the February SGD kit on February 5!  Welcome, Andrea!  Heather, Sheila, and I are so happy to agreed to join us!  I can’t wait to see what you do with your first SGD kit!  Andrea is a HOOT!  If you read her blog, you’ll get an inkling of her personality.  She’s hilarious!  She’s also teaching a class at SGD on February 14 – check out the SGD website at www.scrappingreatdeals.com under “classes” for more information.  The class is a Copic Marker/High Hopes Stamps card making class!

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Angie, who taught a card class today, using the Nestabilities in the most creative ways!  But, sadly, Angie doesn’t have a blog, so I can’t show you her cards.  *sigh*  She promised to get one set up today, though….

I also met the beautiful, and talented Kimmie, who is on SIX design teams!  If you check out her blog, you’ll see why!  She is so talented!  And, she’s a hoot, too!  Her and Andrea together make quite the pair!  lmao!  Kimmie is a designer for High Hopes stamps (among others), and is planning a class at Scrappin’ Great Deals in the very near future!  Kimmie’s blog is here —> http://kraftinkimmieskorner.blogspot.com

So, I’m off to do some scrappin’ with my new supplies that I *NEEDED* (and, Andrea and Kimmie, they were *practically free*)!


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  1. Kim Reid
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 22:03:55

    Oh Kim!! You’re so sweet….I’m *blushing* It was great to finally meetcha today! But what do you mean, Andrea and I are quite a pair? A pair of what, might I ask?? heehee!

    Girlie, I can’t WAIT to hang out in at the Copic course in March….AND shop of course!! And with our ‘shopping rationale’, it’s gonna be a HOOT!!!

    Seeya soon!!

    Oh and P.S. I’m glad that you picked up some *practically free* stuff….that Scrappin’ Great Deals is full of that stuff!!!! *wink*


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