Hello my friends!  Well, I’ve made a decision.  I am going to stop this affair, and admit my indiscretion to the world.  I can’t stand it any longer.  Why?  Well, because I want all my friends to enjoy him, too!  Yep…I’m willing to share!  There is plenty of him to go around, and he loves women!  Really!  And, he loves paper, and chipboard, and flowers, and, well, almost anything scrapbook-related!  You might say he’s a scrapbooker’s helper!  He has certainly helped my scrapbooking!  Any guesses who he might be?  Some of you may have already met him.  Some of you may have wondered what to do with him, or how he might contribute to your love of scrapbooking, but you’re just not brave enough to pull him out of your closet, and get your hands dirty!  Or, maybe you’ve even tried to play with him, but didn’t know what he liked to do.  Well, go for it, girlfriends!  Trust me on this…you won’t be sorry!

Oops…he’s calling me….gotta run!  Be back later!


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