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Hello my friends!  I’ve decided that I am not JUST a scrapbooker/cardmaker, nor am I JUST a Polymer Clay artist, nor am I JUST an acrylic painter, nor am I JUST a jewelry maker.  You see, I have three blogs right now.  This one, of course, where I primarily post cards and scrapbook pages.  Then, I have one for Polymer Clay and jewelry.  And, I have yet another one for paintings, drawings, etc.  So, I’ve decided to merge my blogs, and post all of my creative endeavours in one place.  I was inspired to do this by other bloggers out there, who are, like me, creative souls who love to dabble in all things artistic.  It seems that I get bored with one type of art, but I can’t just stop creating, so I dabble in another one for a while.  My hubby thinks I should just choose one, but I don’t agree.  I love them all.  I don’t want to give up any of them.  And, I think there are many more techniques and artistic outlets that I haven’t tried yet, and would love to some day.  So there – it’s out there. 

So, over time, I will be making changes to my blog to incorporate all of my various creative outlets and blog-worthy projects. There are several ways to set up a blog for multiple subjects.  I’m not sure which way I will go yet, but I’ll play that one by ear.  I could have a “page” for each topic, which would mean that there would be “tabs” across the top of my blog, and you could click on the one you wish to view.  I don’t think I like that so much, mostly because it just seems complicated.  I want to simplify.  So, I think I’ll have to play around a little bit with the various options, and see what happens.

So, for today, I have some jewelry to show you.  I made a necklace, and matching earrings for my niece’s 20th birthday.  I think she liked them.  😉  If not, I’ll have to get them back from her, cuz I LOVE them!  lol  Ihave not yet learned how to photograph jewelry.  I thought cards were difficult to photograph.  But, you will get the general idea.  Here’s a photo of a few of my favourite pendants from my latest creative flash.


The necklace:

The square focal pendant was made from dried flowers from my garden, but you can’t even see them in this photo.  I sandwiched the dried flowers between a Tim Holtz Fragment, and some dimensional adhesive, and a bit of glitter.  It looks SO much better irl.

Here’s a photo of the pendant with some detail:

I made some earrings to match, but, unfortunately, even though I did take photos, none of them are good enough to post!   They are all blurry!  lol  Oh well. 

Does anyone have any ideas about how I should redesign my blog?  I’d love to know what you think, or if anyone has a blog that incorporates a number of subject matters, I’d love to take a peek.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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