Pieces of Gold

Poem written by my Mom.  I called it “Pieces of Gold”.

God gave me five pieces of gold
to cherish, to love, and to hold..
Each piece was different,
sometimes snowy white like a winter’s day,
or sunny and bright like summer.
Maybe sad in the rain,
but always happy when the rainbow came!
In the autumn, when everything turns to beautiful shades
of gold and red and orange,
God chose to take one of his pieces of gold away.
A mother’s love is the strongest love,
and can overcome anything,
but the loss of one of her pieces of gold.
Her heart breaks into a million pieces.
Only with the passage of time,
will it begin to heal.
One day, it will be back together,
But one piece of gold will always be gone.Please,
God, take care of her
and make her smile t
he way we remember.           
For my darling Nancy.          
May 5, 1969 – September 12, 2010


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