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One of my 2010 goals was to take some art courses.  I started taking online courses first, and throughly enjoyed them!  So, I decided it was time to take some “real life” courses!  I enrolled in a 12 week “painting and drawing” course through a local art studio, and began in September.  The timing was perfect, really.  The loss of my dear sister has left a hole in my life that I need to try to fill.  So, our first assignment was to draw leaves, which was rather ironic, as my sister LOVED the fall – the colours, the leaves, the weather, all of it.  My results, in my opinion, were mediocre, at best.  So, on to the next project!  Our assignment was to create art inspired by Canadian acrylic painting artist, Norval Morrisseau.  His style is unique, and so much fun!  His paintings have a child-like, abstract quality.  For me, I find that when I am learning a new technique or style of art, I like to copy other existing artists.  Once I master that, I move on to creating my own versions. 

 So, the following paintings are basically copies of either Normal Morrisseau’s work, or work of other artists with a similar style.  Because I am such a new artist, I really have not found my own personal style yet.  I know there’s probably some controversy out there regarding the “duplication” (I use that word loosely –  my work is not even close to the quality of the original artists) – of existing pieces of art, but I don’t think I’m breaking any laws – as long as I am giving credit to the original artist, and not trying to sell my work as that of the original artist.  When the original artist is no longer alive, the rules change somewhat.  But, I have no plans to sell my art at this point in time…I don’t think it’s good enough for one thing, plus, that is not my goal with my art.  I just want to enjoy the process.  I find it to be an extremely calming activity.

So, here are a couple of my “Norval Morrisseau inspired” paintings:

** Edited this post to give credit to the original artist whose work I copied to create my pieces – Mark Anthony Jacobson.  Thank you, Mark for your beautiful interpretations of the Norval Morrisseau style of painting.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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  1. don wright
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 19:14:56

    Lovely paintings. They look very similar to Mark Anthony Jacobson’s work. Mark Anthony Jacobson is a master woodland artist who has been vocal about art falsely atributed to Norval Morrisseau.


    • kimmer
      Oct 21, 2010 @ 13:41:50

      Thank you so much for that information! I did copy Mark Anthony Jacobson’s paintings. I wanted to give credit to the original artist, but could not find it at the time of my blog post. I will now edit my post to give credit to Mark’s for his fabulous work.


  2. don wright
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 15:26:12

    Thanks Kim!!!!!
    Mark is an inpiration to me as well. He has some beautiful pieces of work at
    This is such a beautiful genre…best wishes to you and your creativity


  3. Jacobson
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 19:34:46

    Mark Anthony Jacobson has a new website:


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