My Art (Ad)Venture continues…

So, I am continuing with my art classes, and cannot believe how much I am loving it!  I’ve always been creative, but I was more of an “arts and crafts” person until recently.  I started drawing in January of this year, by taking some online courses through Tam, at her Ning site.  I was quite surprised at myself, actually!  I can really draw and paint!  Tam is currently offering a FREE course, too!  We are just two lessons in, and there are over 900 participants!  Not only am I learning a lot myself, but it is so inspiring to see other peoples’ work, as well!  Here are my projects, starting with week 1 (a double page spread in my Moleskine art journal):

There were 2 art journal assignments in week 2, and I chose to do them both in my Moleskine.  The photos are image transfers, using “Sheer Heaven” (amazing product!).  This spread includes collage, stamping, painting (with Neocolor II watercolor crayons and Golden acrylic paint):

My second spread was so much fun!  I have never really tried to do “whimsy”, but Tam’s instruction is so awesome!

So, that’s it for today.  I’ve completed a couple more paintings inspired by Norval Morrisseau.  I’ll share them another day.


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