Snow Day

Hello my friends!  I know…it’s been a while since I blogged.  I just returned from a *wonderful* vacation in sunny Jamaica.  Although I am certainly not complaining(*…well…maybe I am…just a teeny bit*) this is what I came home to:

And, *sigh* this is what we left only 2 short days ago:

I guess the good news, for me, is that everything is closed today, so it gives me a good excuse to stay inside and create!  Speaking of creating, I took my Moleskine with me on vacation, and spent lots of time practicing my drawing skills.  I’ll share some of them soon!

Today, I need to make some Christmas cards.  I’m doing something completely different this year.  I actually drew and painted some whimsical characters for my cards.  I was totally inspired by the *very* talented Tam (aka Willowing).  She has inspired me in so many ways!  If you think you’d like to learn to draw and paint faces, and meet some fabulously creative women, check out her site.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

I’ll leave you with my favourite Christmas tune, most appropriate for today!

Stay warm and dry, and be good to yourself!


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