Snow Day 3

The snow has finally stopped falling!  I expected it to continue through today, but I guess the forecast was wrong.  This is today….the sun is shining!  Maybe the snow will melt!  LOL!  That shadow at the left bottom is my arm – out the 3″ opening that I was able to get to stick my arm through – no way I could get out to take a picture!  The snow is half way up the screen (which we usually open before it snows), but we don’t usually expect this much snow this early in the year.

So, after 3 days of being unable to get out of the driveway, I have a LOT of errands to run!  BUT, I almost finished my Christmas cards!  *YAY*!  I’ll be posting some FREE images for your last-minute Christmas cards….so, check back tomorrow!

I’ll leave you with this hilarious video…for all the cat lovers out there!


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