Graphite Sketches

I’ve been praticing my face drawing skills.  I still love drawing the stylized faces, but I’m trying to get a more realistic look by copying from photographs or magazines.  I think I’m improving a little bit with each portrait.  However, it is more about the journey for me.  I don’t have any aspirations to sell my art or anything.  I do it for pure enjoyment.  Most of these portraits are done with only one pencil.  I did try to incorporate some softer graphite, and charcoal, but I find it smudges so easily!  And, I didn’t have any fixative with me (did most of these on the beach in Jamaica!).

My very first male portrait!  It’s supposed to be Matt Damon (a photo in a magazine), but it looks like David Cassidy to me!  (I know….I’m dating myself lol).

So, that’s all for today!  Please feel free to leave a comment.  *be kind* 


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