Mixed Media Fun

Hello out there!  I have been so inspired recently by mixed media artists, like Pam Carriker (who is offering FREE art journaling worshops over at  Strathmore Visual Journal Online, Milliande (who is also offering FREE inspirational videos of her daily January journaling here), Tam (aka Willowing), Suzi Blu, and many, many other talented artists out there!  And, I’m continuing to develop my drawing skills, through a local course at Artventure, and through the many Youtube videos out there.  While I’m not brave enough to share all of my artistic endeavours, I am particularly happy with a couple of art journal covers that I recently created.  The first one is sthe cover of my Zentangle journal.  If you are a regular follower of my blog, you may remember this.  


Well, I took these tangled letters and reduced them in size with Photoshop Elements, cut them out, and added them to my multi-layered, mixed media book cover, and  here is the result:

I had so much fun with that one, that I decided to make another cover for my collaborative art journal.  My artsy-fartsy neice and I started a journal together about a year ago, and it’s far from finished.  We passed it back and forth a couple of times, but life got in the way for the last few months, so I decided to pull it out again and play.  I love the way the cover turned out:

Scanned images just don’t do them justice.  They are very textural.  I even added a layer of beeswax as a protective coat.

So, that’s it for now.   Thank you so much for stopping by.  Leave me a comment, if you have a minute…it always makes me smile.  🙂


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