This, That, and the Other

Hello my friends!  What’s everyone up to today?  I ran on my treadmill today, for 55 minutes!  I haven’t exercised much for the last few weeks, because DH is finishing our gym.  We are in the process of finishing our basement.  We hired a drywall taper to come in and tape all the drywall.  He just finished last week, so DH is painting now.  He did the gym first, so we could use it.  It feels so good to start exercising again!  I also started a health journal, to record my daily workouts, etc.  I have never really done this, but thought it would be worth a try.  I feel like I need to be accountable, even if just to myself, to stay motivated.  So, we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been doing lots of art lately – mostly art journaling, so I thought I’d share a few pages with you.  I joined the Strathmore Artist Workshop – they are offering 3 FREE workshops.  Pam Carriker taught the first 4-week session.  I did learn a few techniques from her, but overall, I was a bit disappointed, because she only completed one page in 4 weeks.  I just thought it would move a little bit faster.  But, I am not a beginner, so perhaps the more novice art journalers may have gained more from it.  We’ll see how session 2 goes – it starts March 1st.  Linda Blinn is instructing this session.  I have not heard of her, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.  She’s written one book, and co-authored another, according to her blog.

I do enjoy Pam Carriker’s style of painting faces, and art journaling, and spent some time going back through her blog posts, and was totally inspired by some of her older work, in addition to the newer stuff.  She has actually just released her first book – Art at the Speed of Life.  I’ve ordered a copy from her, and am looking forward to receiving it!  I’ve read some good reviews about it, including one from Pan Pastel – one of my new favourite products!  Have you tried them?  I would love to hear from other art journalers who are using them.  I’ve just begun to explore their amazing qualities, and have to say I am totally impressed so far!  They are so highly pigmented, and creamy, and just so much fun to play with!  I’m not sure how long it will take me to be able to actually make some art with them, but I’m looking forward to the journey!

So, here you go….some of my recent art journal pages:

I used some of the techniques in Pam’s Strathmore workshop to create this first one.  I recycled an old journal page, by copying it, and printing the copy, and gluing it into my art journal.  I then added layers of collage, acrylic paint, watercolour crayons, oil pastels, and doodles.  Sorry about the blurry scan.  This one, as well as the “pears” spread, were done in my handmade “Long Tall Skinny” book that I learned to make from an online workshop with Julie Prichard.

This next page was totally inspired by Milliande, who is doing a journal page every day for the month of January, and making videos of each page!  She also has a Ning group here.  To create this page, I drew the pears first, in an my sketch journal, using 3 different medias for the 3 pears – pan pastels, Neocolor II watercolor crayons, and Prismacolor pencils.  But, I liked the original drawing too much to mess it up with art journaling, so I scanned the drawing, printed it out on my laser printer, and cut it out to glue in my Long Tall Skinny journal.  I then added a layer of Gesso, and used my Golden acrylic paints to recolor the pears.  I then added some doodling with my Pitt artist pens, and stamped with bubble wrap, and corrugated cardboard (using Archival Ink, with is permanent and waterproof) — to get the dots and lines (which I will use to journal on).

The next few pages are totally inspired by some of Pam Carriker’s older works.  I really love her stylized cone flower, and her fancy doodled scrolls.  They were fun to do!  I used mostly graphite pencil, Pitt artistbrush pens, and Neocolor II watercolor crayons for these pages.  They are in my Moleskine journal.

This next spread was done entirely with my Pitt artist pens, and then I did an image transfer with my Sheer Heaven (this stuff is amazing!).

This last page is just a random spread in my Moleskine.

So, that’s it for today.  I know – it was a LONG post, but I hope you enjoyed reading about my creative adventures, and that you will leave me a comment.  AND, if you have any questions about any of the techniques or products I have used, feel free to drop me an email!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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