Do You WagJag?

I LOVE Wagjag!  Have you heard of it?  I think it’s fairly new.  It’s a fantastic way to get discounts on products and services in your area!  Here’s an excerpt from their website: brings you amazing deals on the coolest events, restaurants, fashion finds, activities and adventures. We can deliver great offers because we assemble a group of “WagJaggers” with combined purchasing power (buying in numbers = better pricing…even we know that!).

How Does WagJag Work?

  1. We feature an amazing deal in your city available for a limited time
  2. You can only get the deal if enough people join the group – spread the word!
  3. If enough people join you get a printable electronic voucher
  4. Use the voucher to redeem your WagJag

To join a group, click the “Buy Button” and follow the instructions. You will only be charged if the group is big enough. If you want the WagJag, spread the word far and wide because we can’t get it unless we have enough people. You can share it easily using the social media links on each deal page.

I get an email every day from them, with the day’s deal.  I just purchased a voucher for art supplies for half price!  I got a $20 voucher for $10!  It’s very cool!

So, if you sign up, and make a purchase, I get $10!  So, please, if you do check it out, and get a deal, tell them that I referred you.  Then, YOU can pay it forward!  🙂


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