Mixed Media Melange!

Hello my friends!  I have had the pleasure of (once again) participating in an online workshop with Julie Pritchard and Chris Cozen, over at the Land of Lost Luggage, their ning site.  I’ve taken quite a few of their workshops, and highly recommend them, especially if you are a Golden acrylic paints/mediums fan.  The most recent one, Mixed Media Melange, started several weeks ago, but I haven’t done any of the projects yet!  I’ve been busy with other artsy things, including a “real life” art class.

So, this piece is from Lesson #8, I believe…they call it reverse layering, because you do all of the painting, transfering, etc. on the REVERSE side of a piece of clear vinyl.  I started with a focal point (you start with the layer that will end up being on TOP of the piece), and work backwards.  I traced my owl from a copyright free image with white Sharpie poster pen, and then hand drew the tree branches, again, with white Sharpie poster pen.  Then, the fun continues with layers of paint, using stencils, masks, and mixing as you go – only a couple of colors of paint, along with some interference paints.  It is a slow process, but so MUCH FUN!

As usual, a photograph of my finished piece does not do it justice.  The layers are so cool, viewed through a piece of clear vinyl, which give the final piece a smooth, shiny surface.  I mounted mine on a piece of art board.

Soooooooooo, there you have it!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Leave me a comment…it always makes me smile.


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