Gratitude Abound!

I have always believed that whenever you give, you get back so much more.  I have never believed this more than I do right now.  My heart is happy.  Why?  Well, because of you.  I am going through some tough stuff right now in my personal life, and feeling so depressed, that I have had difficulty getting out of bed some days.  I don’t share an awful lot of personal stuff on my blog…mostly because I still have a little bit of fear about putting so much of myself out there…and the internet is really, really out there.  If you’re still with me, I shall explain.  I’ll keep it short.  In the midst of feeling crappy, I signed up for some art journaling courses…hoping they would lift my spirits, and get me creating art again.  Well, it worked.  I began to look at my life in a much more positive way.  The word “GRATITUDE” kept coming to me.  It was weird, because, at first, I couldn[t even think what the word was when you feel grateful…but, once my senior moment ended, and the word popped into my brain, I haven’t been able to get it out!  And, that has proven to be a very good thing, indeed.  Because, I decided that  I would host a giveaway on my blog, to give back to the creative community.  So, I put together an art journaling kit, and posted about it on my blog here.  What goes around, comes around…(the good stuff, too).  With every comment I read, my heart was touched, and my depression lifted.  So many creative souls took the time to comment…not just to win the blog candy, but also just to say hello, or to let me know that they knew someone that could use some art supplies.  Wow.

So, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Please, keep leaving comments.  If they touch me, they will probably touch others, too.  If you need some art supplies, or know someone that does, leave a comment on this post.  I will be choosing one random winner on Saturday, May 21.


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