Smash Love <3

Hello my friends! I haven’t made time for blogging lately, mostly because I use my iPad almost exclusively now, and I cannot figure out how to add a photo, or a link to my post with it.

*******Newsflash******. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Omg! I cannot believe that I haven’t figured that out before now. *blush*. Moving on…

It has been SO hot here in southwestern Ontario! Generally, I love hot weather, but I guess everyone has a limit. Tomorrow is supposed to be 37 degrees celcius…49 with the humid-x. Yikes. Okay, so that is too hot, even for me. But, it gives me an excuse to stay indoors where it’s cool, and ART! Oh, and now that I know how to post to my blog with my iPad…well, that’s why you are reading this! Lol. I crack me up.

So, to put this steamy weather into perspective, all i have to do is go back through my photos. I found this one, taken just a few short months ago, in April, I believe!


Fortunately, my house is nice and cool, which has allowed me to play in my Smash folio/art journal. I’ve also been doing some sewing! I’ll share my results with you another day.








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