Art journaling is FUN!

I have some Smash book pages to share with you today.





And a couple of pages in progress.  I was playing with my new Donna Downey poppy template here, but haven’t figured out what I want to do next.  I’ll probably just journal on it.


The following purple and pink pages were inspired by this week’s Inspiration Wednesday with Donna Downey. This week was all about the letter “p”.    I started with pink and purple wash tape, the added pink and purple spray inks. Then, I painted pretty pink and purple posies, and added puffy paint. Love the letter “p”! I will be finishing off this page with photos taken around my home of items beginning with… guessed it….the letter “p”!



I’ve also been taking an online course with Traci Bautista. This is my first course with traci, and I am very impressed with the quality of this course. We are two weeks in so far, and she has posted ten prompts, one each day, Monday through Friday. Some are videos, but all have high quality, printable pdf’s.  So far, we have been inspired to doodle, make marks, create fun fonts, make our own stamps and printing plates, and so much more! I snapped a few photos, of course!

This was my first free-form doodle.  I am a zentangler, but the thought of random doodles, with no planning, or thought, or concern with how it will turn out….that was very freeing for me!


Here are a few “fun foam” printing plates/stamps.




And, my first layer….printing with my foam stamps/plates!  So messy, and so FUN!


These are my favourite ones so far…I used those shaped elastic bands that are so popular with the kids, to create a super-fun stamp.  Traci has challenged me to look at everyday household objects with whole new eyes!



I went dollar store/Walmart shopping yesterday, and came home with a ton of cheap and cool items to use as templates/masks/stamps on my art!  Think….placemats, paper clips, elastic bands, drawer liners, drywall tape….use your imagination, and have fun with it!  🙂


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  1. quixoticweetzie
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:45:05

    Beautiful! I particularly love the “dance like nobody is watching” one and the flowers with all the swirlies!


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