More Letter Love

Hello my friends!  So, I have been participating in a lettering course offered by the very talented Joanne Sharpe! She calls it Letter Love, which is perfect, given the fact that this month is the month of love! :)

Here are some of my latest letter love doodles.  This first one was done with Copics -black multi-liners and Sketch colors.  This is the first page of my Moleskine watercolor journal.  I have been hoarding this journal for.EVER.  My intention was to do the background with my Tombows, using a watercolor technique, but I love it the way it is, and I’m afraid I will ruin it!  lol.  What do you think?  Leave it as is, or add a watercolor background?

For this next one, I wanted to try out different black makers to see which ones are waterproof.  But, I made the mistake of doing this in my mixed media journal, and the watercolors don’t respond well on that paper.

I actually DID get out my Tombows to create a watercolor effect on this one.  The watercolor paper in this Strathmore 140 lb watercolor paper journal is quite thick, and has a lot more tooth than the Moleskine watercolor, but I did learn that the Sharpie pen is waterproof!  I also learned that I need more Tombows.  😉



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