I am sooooo enjoying Joanne Sharpe’s Letter Love class!  She has such a wonderfully spontaneous style that I wish I had!  But, she keeps telling us that it takes practice, and, in fact, she has been practicing for years!  If you aren’t familiar with her lettering art, follow this link to her blog.  BUT, be prepared to spend some time there.  Her work is so friggin’ cool!  I so want to just copy her style, but she has been encouraging us to develop our own style, which is obviously what we all want, right?  Our own signature style.  The type of style that is recognizable immediately.  That’s what Joanne has.  Her own SIGNATURE STYLE.  And I love it.  Did I say that already?  lol 

So, here are my latest creations.  I’m pretty happy with my results, and I’m having so much fun practicing!  I’m learning so much about different products, and different types of paper, and lettering styles.  Fun fun fun.  Love love love.  Her class began on February 1st, and she posts a new lesson EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Most days her lessons are in video format, but some days she posts downloadable PDF files, and while other days, she just shares he knowledge and inspires us all to play, play, play.  And, she has the most active Facebook group I have EVER been a part of!  The work that is being posted is absolutely AMAZING!  The talent amongst the 300+ members is beyond inspiring…And, once you pay for the course, you have access for EVER!  Yep!  Forever.  Like Joanne says, it’s like buying the book.  But it’s so much better than a book! 

I haven’t been doing the lessons in order.  I know.  I’m a rebel.  I’ve even skipped some of the lessons, and gone back to the first few lessons several times.  It’s all about doing what makes me happy.  At the moment, this is making me happy.  So, here are my latest creations.  Yesterday, being Valentine’s Day, Joanne showed us some ways to use hearts, and pinks and reds, in the spirit of the day of love.  I made my hubby a Valentine’s Day card.

This next one is pretty simple.  I was practicing with my Tombow markers, using a water brush to move the color around.  I didn’t even do my lettering in pencil first!  🙂  A a matter of fact, I don’t do any lettering in pencil first any more!  That’s a sign that I’m getting better at it, right? 

On to my most recent work.  I blogged about this sentiment here, on my other blog.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Cindy Bettinger
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 20:09:55

    I am taking the same class – and loving what I’m learning. Your letters in this post are awesome!


  3. Ruth Anne
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 08:23:55

    Great pictures, makes me want to work harder!


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