Bloom True With Flora Bowley!

I’m SOOOOOOOOO very excited to be participating in Bloom True: the e-course by Flora Bowley ! I have been following Flora’s art for at least a couple of years, and love her use of color and imagery!  She inspires me with her work and lifestyle of yoga, creativity, travel, and teaching.  You must go to her website and check out the e-course.  I bet you’ll want to join us!

See what I mean?  Her work is so INTERESTING.  I’m drawn in by the imagery, the colour, the composition, and the playful feel of her work.  She has such a signature style.  Love love love.

So, I’m working on two canvases at the moment.  She encourages us to have at least 2 on the go at one time, so that you can work on one while the other one is drying.  She works very large, too, which scares me a bit.  So, I started largER (for me), with 24×24″.  I also have two LARGE art journals on the go.  I’m using up the drips, and leftover paint in my journals.  I’ve been taking photos periodically, but I’m not sure which computer they are on!  lol.  We have three computers in the house, two desktop, and my Ipad.  The photos don’t seem to be on this computer, so you’re in luck.  I won’t make you look at my mess today!  Truly, the first couple of layers are just painty messes!  I’m hoping they start to look more like art soon.


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  1. Meredith
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 05:51:23

    Come on, we’d love to see them 🙂 Flora is truly an amazing artist, so incredibly inspiring (I am doing the e-course too!).


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