29 Faces in May


I’ve seen the posts for 29 Faces in May all over — Tam recently posted an in-progress video, Gulfsprite’s posting a photo of each day’s faceSami Kira Harding is participating, and others are showing them on Instagram and Twitter.  I learned to draw faces a couple of years ago, by taking Tam’s Fabulous Faces course.  I practiced a lot, and got pretty good at it!  But, I strayed away from drawing, and started painting and art journaling.  So, I figured this challenge would be pretty easy.  *NOT*  I cannot believe how bad I am now!  LOL!  I wasn’t going to bother posting any of my *really bad* faces, but I decided that i would be brave, and post them anyway.  I have nowhere to go but up, at this point!  Actually, yesterday’s face is better….so, I seem to be improving.  So, *gulp*….

I’m starting with the best of the bad…  The eyes are a bit far apart, but it has potential!  I sketched it in my Strathmore Mixed Media journal, after figuring out that my Robert Bateman mixed media journal was not the best journal for wet media.  I’m hoping she will be pretty once I add hair and color.

This one was my first one.  I don’t mind the background, but the face is not great.  Definitely room for improvement.

This next one is hilarious!  I did her in my itty bitty Strathmore Visual Journal.  I love the paper in this journal, but I definitely don’t enjoy working that small.  See…i told you I was going to be brave.

I decided that I would count this one as a “face”, even though it’s a stamped image.  I did color it, right?  *lol*  I know…but it’s my blog, and my own personal challenge, so if I want to count a stamped image that I only colored, I am going to count a stamped image that I colored!  😉  After all, I made a VIDEO out of it!  :0)

I didn’t even finish this one.  First, I didn’t really like the sketch.  Then, when I tried to rescue it with paint, the paper started to disintegrate.  I may or may not go back to it.

Another unfinished…it’s also in my Robert Bateman sketchbook, so I don’t think I’ll try to paint it, but I may try to finish it as a graphite sketch.  The eyes are too close together, and I’m not loving the lips….

There you go!  The good, the bad, and the ugly!  Six faces on day 10…23 faces to go….


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  1. Vasare
    May 10, 2012 @ 11:16:05

    i like these prettty cool 🙂


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