Art Journal Tag at Art Geeks!

Hello my friends!  I just finished running my second round of  “art journal tag” over at Artgeeks, which I called “Inspired by”.   I picked an  art journal page from the Artgeeks gallery, and created a page inspired by that page.  Then, I  scanned my page, and passed it on to the next person, who had 24 hours to create a page inspired by my page, and send their page to me, and I sent it to the next person, who repeated the process, until everyone had participated.  At the end, I posted all the results in the forum.  Sound like fun? It was! I started off, by choosing a page by Jeffy, and this is my page:


I used a gelli plate print for the silhouette shapes, with a Dina Wakely stencil by Crafter’s Workshop.  The background is several layers of collage, paint, and ink, in my Dylusions art journal.

If you want to see the page that inspired me to create this, and all the other pages that followed, click on over to Artgeeks, and join my “Finish in Five” group.  The “Inspired by” challenge results is contained within that discussion group.  And, it’s free to join, free to play along with the challenges, and there are 7 instructors!  Lots of creative goodness going on there.  🙂 AND IT’S ALL FREE!  FREE!  FREE!  lol.  I have trouble believing that sometimes.


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