Golden High Flow Acrylic Paints <3 – VIDEO

So, I’ve had such a creative week, that I just had to share.  I spent a day with two of my tennis/art friends, making art, and eating good food, and talking about art…etc.  The first thing we did is play with resin and Pebeo paints on canvas.  I don’t have my piece to show you yet, because it takes a few days to dry completely.  I love the way the paints moved in the resin, and the result is this amazingly beautiful marbled, shiny abstract art.  So, I was inspired to try and re-create a similar look with acrylic products – specifically the new Golden High Flow Acrylics, and Liquitex Pouring Medium.  (I AM NOT AFFILIATED).  Well, the result is pretty….not quite the same as the resin, but worth exploring, for sure.

Here are some stills.  As usual, the photos don’t really do them justice.  I added some iridescent paints, and they look so amazing in real life.  The blue and red pieces are done on dollar store canvas boards.  The black one is on a gessoed canvas, and I stenciled some light molding paste through a stencil before I added the pouring medium and paints.


blues blues2 redsreds2blackblack2black3


And, here’s the video:


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