Bokeh Effect With a Point and Shoot Camera

Hello my friends!  I have been working on my December “Daily” album, and after doing some research, I figured out a way to get a bokeh effect photo with my Canon Point and Shoot.  I have the Power Shot SD1300 IS.  If you don’t know what a bokeh effect is, here is what mine looks like:


Bokeh is Japanese in origin and refers to blur or a blurry quality, and in photography it is a very recognizable technique.  The above photo is taken straight from my camera, with no manipulation at all.  How did I do it?  It’s simple, really.  First, I set my camera to macro setting (usually a little flower icon in your camera settings).  Then, I put my hand in front of the camera, and pressed the shutter button down part way to “register” my hand, then I quickly pulled my hand away and took the photo of my Christmas tree.  I had to be quick, or the camera would re-focus on the tree.  So, after a few tries, I got the effect I was after.

I wanted the lights to appear as larger circles, so I edited it with Photoshop Elements by cropping a portion of the photo and then resizing it to 4″x6″ to get this:

Fun, right?  🙂  I think so!  playSo, before I leave you to get back to my happy place, I thought I’d share a photo of my studio table.  It is such a mess!  Before I do anything else, I have to do some tidying up….it gets to a point where I am no longer inspired or desk dec19


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea Murdock
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 17:39:51

    your table looks fabulous to me! and love the camera tip!


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