Being Gentle With Myself

It never fails.  Whenever I try to commit to anything these days, shit happens.  If it isn’t my health, it’s something else.  A dear friend lost her 28 year old son last week, under very tragic circumstances.  I’m still in shock.  To make things even worse for her, she lost her husband just a few years ago under the same circumstances.  I wish I was healthy enough to do more for her, but, sadly, I can only be there in spirit.  I just hope she’s strong enough to get through this.  She does have a lot of support, and two wonderful children, so I think she’ll be okay.  RIP Justin.  😦

Justin Roovers – April 19, 1985 – August 30, 2014


So, I’m being gentle with myself.  Even though I haven’t kept up with the 29 Faces challenge, I have completed one face, and started a few more.  My muse just isn’t co-operating to finish them.  When I do feel creative, my body doesn’t allow me to art for very long before I need to lie down for a while.  *sigh*  I’ve been doing physiotherapy now for a few weeks, and I was just starting to make some progress when I had a setback, which has put me back where we started in terms of progress.  My therapist is encouraging.  She thinks that if we were able to get there before, we can get there again.  I’m just frustrated with the length of time it is taking for this injury to heal.


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  1. Patricia LaCroix
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 09:12:17

    I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. That is a lot of tragedy in one short lifetime. I hope you feel better soon ;))


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