Three More Weeks….

…until the big move!  We went a checked out the progress of our new home yesterday, and I cannot believe how quickly things are moving, now that we are less than a month away!  Check it out!


Some interior shots of the main floor:

2014-09-19 06.15.51HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.15.55HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.16.22HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.17.19HouseSept19

The back.  The windows you see in this photo are the livingroom and kitchen.  We will have a screened porch on the right, and an open deck on the left.

2014-09-19 06.22.47HouseSept192014-09-19 06.22.35HouseSept19

AND, my favorite room!  My NEW ART STUDIO!  Look at all the natural light!

2014-09-19 06.17.58HouseSept192014-09-19 06.18.14HouseSept19

And, this is my studio from the outside of the house:

2014-09-19 06.22.07HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.22.11HouseSept19

Woo hoo!  I’m getting excited now.  This is really happening!  🙂


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