House Update

OMG…I am so excited now!  Our new home is taking shape.  All the pretty stuff is going in now, like the kitchen cupboards, and the beautiful hardwood floors.  I’ve been pretty busy packing, so haven’t done any art, but plan on keeping a few art supplies separate so that I can still play once most of my supplies are packed away.  So here you go…2014-10-02 02.43.27

2014-10-02 02.34.01HouseOct2 2014-10-02 02.34.08HouseOct2 2014-10-02 02.35.14HouseOct2

2014-10-02 02.37.05HouseOct2 2014-10-02 02.38.39 2014-10-02 02.38.54 2014-10-02 02.39.51


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jackie Beeman
    Oct 06, 2014 @ 20:03:51

    Congratulations, it’s beautiful!


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