Online Classes – What I’m Taking and My Thoughts…

10873463_10203262898558948_4697677102358009712_o I thought I would share my plans for online classes this year.  I’ve tried to be more selective this year, and not to over-commit, but it’s just so darn difficult!  There are so many options now, and I want to take them ALL!  And, because I am not able to play tennis, or work out right now, my art is my only real outlet.  (That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!).

So, first, here are the paid classes I’ve signed up for:

***NOTE – I am NOT affiliated in any way to any of these artists or classes.  I am not being compensated or paid to support or promote them.  My opinions are just that…my opinions… based on my own experience with some of the repeat classes, and with the artists’ past teachings.***

I’m taking my friend, Effy Wild’s class – Book of Days, which is all about (for me) – painting faces and getting messy in my art journal.  I also love Effy’s style of teaching, and consider her one of my best artsy friends.  We have met, in real life, as she lives only about an hour’s drive away from me.  She went through quite a difficult 2014, too, so I really want the best for her in 2015! ♥

I signed up (again) for Lifebook, with Tam (Willowing) – this year-long class starts on January 1, and I have no doubt it will be amazing again!  She has a fabulous lineup of artists again this year, and I can’t wait to get started.  Honestly, even though I do this class most years, I have never completed all of the assignments.  I watch ALL the videos, and download them.  I do some of the lessons, if I have the time, and if they inspire me.  And, I’m totally okay with that!  It’s good value, in my opinion, and the online communities (both on Ning, and Facebook) are part of the joy I get from this class every year.

A new class for 2015, being taught by the BADASS Wyanne Thompson – You & Me 2015 – is a painting workshop.  Wyanne is one inspirational lady!  She has been through so much, and still, she is happy, and doing art, and now hosting a year-long painting workshop.  Check out her story on her blog.  She went through the same type of cancer that my Mom went through, so I feel connected to her somehow because of this.  However, I followed her art even before she got sick.  She is one AMAZING woman.

Another of my favorite artists, Donna Downey, is bringing back her “Inspiration Wednesdays” for 2015!  I have missed her unique art journaling style so much, since she stopped doing these videos last year.  If you’re not familiar with this series, check out her Youtube channel – there are TONS of FREE videos there.  She is charging a nominal fee for 2015, but, trust me, it is going to be worth it!  I also met Donna in person – I had the pleasure of taking some classes with her a couple of years ago.  She is hilarious!  ♥ her!  🙂

I am continuing my membership in  The Artstronauts Club – a group with Tracy and Teesha Moore.  This is a much different type of class – it’s not really a class, it’s just a private, hosted website with inspirational videos, downloads, and such.  I paid an annual fee to for access to whatever gets posted, and they are very generous with sharing their ideas and skills.  I love Teesha’s art journaling style.

The FABULOUS and FANTASTIC and FUNNY(published author) –  Joanne Sharpe is offering a year-long workshop again this year.  I didn’t participate in her (similar) class last year, and I missed her!  I have met Joanne in person – I took one of her classes at a nearby art studio – and she is exactly as she seems! ♥  “Artfully Inspired 2015” sounds like it’s going to be another great art journaling class, with the focus, in trademark Joanne Sharpe style, on lettering.  I have taken many, MANY of Joanne’s classes, and always enjoy them.  PLUS, I purchased the recommended Strathmore art journal last year, not knowing what I was going to do with it…so, it’s meant to be.  🙂

I just found out that Jane Davenport is running another live class of her famous “Supplies Me” class!!!  I am already a member of this class (membership in Jane’s classes are now FOREVER!).  I highly recommend it, for anyone who loves art supplies as much as I do.  She teaches you how to use so many different supplies, that I couldn’t possibly begin to tell you.  Her classes are so JAM PACKED with content…LOVE Jane!  (I met her when I was in Australia in January, 2014…she is AWESOME! <3)  AND, she has a new book coming out VERY soon….can’t wait!  ❤

And, a couple of FREE classes I plan to participate in:

The Documented Life Project 2015.  This is a free class being run by a group of artists that call themselves “Art to the 5th”.  They have changed things up a bit this year – I think it will be more art journaling, and less planning.  It is quite an active group of artists!  Last year they posted the prompts, etc., primarily on Facebook.  But, this year they have moved things over to their academy here.

Another free class – being run by Suzi Blu – Paint and Chronicle – sounds like it will be more focused on writing/journaling, and less arting.  Suzi has been around FOREVER, and is a published author, and known for her whimsical faces. ❤

There are so many classes available now!  I want to join them all, but obviously that’s silly lol.  (is it?)  I would love to hear your thoughts on any classes you are participating in!  PLEASE leave me a comment.  I really do want you to!

But, for now, I’m going to go make some art.  REALLY!  I am going to make some art.  Watch me… 😉


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kim Reed
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 13:57:41

    I struggle with this the first of the year as well (at least for the past 2 since I started arting). Inspiraton Wednesday is the only one I’ve joined and most everything else has been downloaded class content (like Andy Skinner’s Book of Ruination and bunches of Interweave classes). Thanks for the heads up about the Documented Life class because I wasn’t interested in that one at all until you mentioned that they might be focusing more on art journaling this go-round. Best wishes for a much better 2015, Kim!!


    • kimmerbe
      Jan 05, 2015 @ 17:16:08

      Thanks for the comment, Kim! The DLP is definitely more art journaling, and less planning this year. See you online!


  2. katgalekatherine
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 20:30:48

    Hi Kim – I signed up for BOD and LifeBook as they are a must for me. I’m also a fan of 21 Secrets (Dirty Footprints) and am trying Jumpstart 2015 by Natalie Kalmbach – it features Liquitex products with a few different artists. I Joined Art to the 5th as I am drawn to classes where several artists are featured. Still trying to figure out my own style – just happy to be able to create. Your home looks gorgeous and your studio is to die for! Hope your health gets better with time!


  3. marjiekemper
    Jan 04, 2015 @ 15:29:21

    You are one busy gal! I signed up for a lot last year and petered out… so this year I am keeping my calendar free (at least for now). Happy New Year, and enjoy all your creative classes!


    • kimmerbe
      Jan 05, 2015 @ 17:13:40

      I did the same thing, Marjekemper, but I still enjoyed watching the videos. But, I moved last year, so had most of my supplies stored away. Then, I was injured and couldn’t do much art. I enjoy the community aspect of belonging to art groups.


  4. Lujean Martin
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 14:38:20

    Thanks so much for sharing your classes! I will be taking Wyanne’s class and very much appreciate you turning me on to her Youtube channel and workshop!!! See you there. 🙂


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