Progress Pics – ART fun

I just LOVE playing with art mediums, layering and waiting to see what’s going to happen.  I started this canvas (24″ x 24″) with a very thick layer of drywall compound, applied with a large palette knife. I embedded some drywall tape into the compound, and let it dry completely.  I then added some heavy body yellow paint and black gesso here and there, and allowed that to dry completely.  Then, I added various texture mediums – in a very random fashion – Golden Hard Molding Paste, Light Molding Paste, Hard molding Paste, Crackle Paste, Kroma Crackle gel, and TriArt modeling Paste.  Here’s a detail shot of what it looked like after these layers had dried.  I love the big cracks!  The different mediums all responded differently over the drywall compound and black gesso.  SO FUN!


Next, I added some Golden Cobalt Teal paint, in a very random fashion.  I painted the edges with black gesso.

Now the really fun part – I had a bunch of Viva Decor products from my stash – so I chose crackle mediums in silver, and black, and added very thick blobs here and there, and smushed them about.  Then, I found a jar of Liquitex Acrylic Texture Gel in Black Lava, so I spread some of it around, avoiding the crackle mediums.  I let these dry overnight, and…loooooooooooookie………I love the way the sunshine from the window behind this piece shines through some areas!2015-02-21 05.33

Just look at all the FABULOUS texture!detailsdetails2

So, my question to you, my loyal followers – What should I do next?  I hate to cover up all that beautiful texture and color, but it’s obviously not finished.  Hmmm….any thoughts/ideas?  I would love to hear them….leave me some comments, please!!!  Let’s start a creative dialogue.  🙂


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  1. Fatima
    Feb 25, 2015 @ 21:35:19

    Love the texture, and the hints of metallic peaking through. (At least it looks metallic in the pictures?)

    Maybe you could paint a flower — a single flower growing out of the (beautiful) chaos. Or turn it into more of a landscape, since the texture is all there — a cliff with a house on top, maybe a waterfall.

    Of course, either of those might lead to covering up more than intended, so maybe even keep it simpler, and stencil on a geometric pattern (like a moroccan quatrefoil) in gold, across parts of the canvas.

    Looking forward to the finished piece, and seeing what direction you take it in :).


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