Journaling by 5’s – Parts 1 & 2 – VIDEO!

As promised, another video today!  I decided to play along with Shannon Green’s “Journaling by 5’s”.  It’s quite popular on Youtube, and she even has a Facebook group.  The idea is to complete 20 art journal pages, using 5 sets of prompts, with a 15 minute time limit for each prompt.  Confused yet?  I know I was, until I watched Shannon’s video here.

Well, I’m not much of a rule follower, and I’m a slow art journaler, so this is MY VERSION of her challenge.  I started out trying to give myself the time limit, but found it difficult, and not really enjoyable.  So, I turned off the timer, and just started to play. Then, the happy happened!

I should add that I said in the video that I only did 10 pages, but apparently I can’t count, because I did actually do 20 lol.

Here’s my video.

On to Step 3…

Playing in my Studio – VIDEO!

This is part one of this particular project.  I’m just experimenting with textural mediums and color.  I hope you enjoy it!  If you have any questions AT ALL, please ask!  I would be happy to respond.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I’ve got another video to show you tomorrow, so come on back!  🙂

I Got in Trouble With the Teacher :(

I take lots of classes from many fabulous teachers.  I make videos.  I make art.  I love it all.  I do it all because I love it.  I consider myself an artist, just because I create as often as I can.  Sometimes I love what I make, sometimes not.  It doesn’t matter to me.  What matters is that I’m happy doing it.  I have no desire to make money from anything I create.  If I do, it’s just a bonus.  It’s not something I set out to do.  I do like to PROFIT from my art.  By PROFIT, I mean joy…I get joy from sharing.  I get joy from inspiring (and sometimes teaching) others.  I often assume everyone else feels the same way.  Big mistake.  Where am I going with this?  Let me try to explain.

My life took an unexpected turn last May when I became ill with severe chest and back pain.  The illness and subsequent misdiagnosis, ongoing pain, and frustrating roller coaster of medical investigations and treatments consumed my life.  It took away my joy.  I wasn’t able to participate in activities that I love – including art.  It worsened my clinical depression, affected all my relationships, and prevented me from exercising and playing tennis, too.  It continues to affect me profoundly, but I am trying really, really hard to take my life back, despite the fact that I am far from recovered.  I’m not looking for sympathy here…there’s a reason I’m sharing this.  Stay with me, if you wish…

I have not felt inspired to make art at all, but lately I’ve been forcing myself to get into my studio, even if it’s just for short periods.  When I’m feeling uninspired, I often copy other artists that inspire me.  I have never considered it a problem, because I ALWAYS give credit to the original artist, AND, I am not selling my art, or making a profit in any way from it. I know not everyone agrees with me, but that’s always been my opinion.

Before all this happened, I made Youtube videos, which I also consider creating, and I quite enjoy making them, and sharing them with others.  I like to help other artists by promoting their classes with my videos, and with my blog.  Yesterday, I made a video, a time-lapse video of me creating an art journal spread, as taught by one of my favorite artists.  I gave credit, both within the video itself, and in the description.  I didn’t explain any of the techniques, but I did post the products I used on my blog (I debated even doing that, but figured I would get questions and thought it would be okay).  It took a huge amount of effort on my part – fighting through my ongoing physical pain.  (I even missed watching Gray’s Anatomy!  Don’t worry, though, I PVR’d it…) – BUT IT FELT GOOD.  I was so happy to be making art, and making a video again.  I was excited to post my video, and to inspire the other students by showing “my take” on the teacher’s work.  Although I didn’t really want to, my artwork ended up being quite similar to the teacher’s example.  I wanted to do something different, but, like I said, my creative brain isn’t working very well – so I used different colors, and some different products, but I really loved the teacher’s work, so I wanted to make one like it.  It’s in my journal…I’m not going to sell it. I’m always flattered when people copy my work. (not that it happens that often, lol) –  My intention? – was completely and entirely to inspire others, and to help promote a class that I am enjoying immensely.  I figured any “non-paying” students who viewed my video would want to know more, and may even sign up for the class!  I had no idea anyone would be offended, or that I would “get in trouble with the teacher”.  But, I was politely asked to remove my video, because other paying students had complained that I was giving away something that they had paid for.  The teacher also felt that I had “crossed a line” because my finished project was so similar to hers.  Honestly, I was crushed.  Even though I do (kind of, sort of) understand, it hurt my feelings. (Am I being too sensitive?) I will get over it, obviously, and, in future, I will ask permission before I do anything similar.  It’s weird – I’ve done this exact thing in the past without a problem.  In fact, the exact opposite – the teachers were appreciative of my efforts, and the other students seemed thrilled that I would share my process.  I was told in the past, that I helped to promote classes, and bring new students to them.  I guess this is why I figured it would be fine this time.  Please don’t get me wrong…the teacher did what she had to do, and I know I do believe she felt uncomfortable asking me to remove my video.  I think I’m just taking this way too personally.  *sigh*

So…my video has disappeared.  Yesterday’s blog post has disappeared.  *poof*  Yesterday’s joy didn’t happen.  😦

So…what are your thoughts?  I hope I don’t regret asking for opinions…be kind, please.  I don’t mind hearing opinions that differ from mine…I welcome them.  I just want to hear other perspectives, and see if I’m in the minority here.  I think I am, because so many other artists are making a living from their art.  I TOTALLY GET THAT!  Please understand, that I do get that my situation is much different for that reason.  Does anyone agree with me?

It’s All About Love – Art Journal Spread

I’ve really been enjoying my art journal lately.  I haven’t been feeling great physically, so I’ve only been in my studio for short bits of time here and there, and art journaling fits the bill for this type of creating (for me, anyway!).  I’d like to put together some type of “couch art” kit so that I can do a bit of art while on my comfy chair, with my heat pad on my back, while watching mindless television.

This spread was (once again) inspired by Donna Downey’s “Inspiration Wednesday” class.  There’s lots of texture, and layers, and grunginess…love it.


love love2 love3

(Pro)Found Poetry – Art Journal Spread Complete

If you have been following my blog for the last few days, you may know that I had a breakthrough, of sorts, through my art journaling practice.  See my original post here, where I talked about the inspiration for the pages I am about to show you.  This is a bit “raw” and more than I usually reveal on my blog, but I can’t help myself.  It just feels right to share this.

So, when I last typed, this is what my spread looked like:


 Through the process of “found poetry”, these are the words that came together to form my poem.


So, off I went…I grabbed my Dylusions ink sprays in happy colors, and began adding to play.  I had previously covered the “found” words with removable frisket, which masks them, to keep them from getting inky and painty by the layers I planned to add.  I tried to remember to take photos along the way, but I found myself in a bit of an art trance, so I didn’t get very many.



The image below was created with black gesso and a stencil (by iStencils):fpprog3

The words were added with a stencil by Stencil Girl.


And, that’s it for the process photos.  The following photos are the finished spread.  I added some Tim Holtz rubons, stamping, wood veneer shapes and words (colored with Zig Wink of Stella glitter pens), doodles, etc.  Then, I removed the frisket to reveal the poem. fpdets fpdets2 fpl fprfoundpoetry

So, despite being initially inspired by an Inspiration Wednesday lesson, I definitely went in my own direction, and the final spread looks nothing like Donna’s lesson.  Sometimes that happens, and I’m totally okay with that!  The point is to get inspired, right?  🙂

Found Poetry – Art Journaling

So, inspired by one of Donna Downey’s “Inspiration Wednesday” lessons, I dug out some book text that I’d had in my stash forever, and randomly glued them down to my art journal.  They were from a children’s book, which I chose because of the large size of the type.  But, little did I know what those pages would reveal.  I can’t recall ever doing this “found poetry” technique before, and having used pages from a children’s book, I didn’t expect to find anything meaningful.  Was I ever wrong.

I haven’t decided whether or not to give it a title, mostly because I can’t come up with anything that fits, so here it is.  The only thing I “edited” was the punctuation.


And, just so that you don’t think I’m really a fabulous poet (lol), who was able to write something meaningful about her life as it happened over the last six months… here’s the journal pages, with the words I “randomly” picked from the children’s book text.  I’m still a little blown away by this.

poetryl poetryrSo, now I will finish this journal page.  Art has, and will continue to get me through ANYTHING.  🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by.  Have you ever tried this technique?  If not, you MUST.  And, please share your results.  I would love to see them!  🙂

Stencil Storage Video!

So, after a few requests on Facebook, through the various creative groups I belong to, I finally did a little video of my stencil storage solution.  It’s not really “finished”, but you get the idea, and a little peek at my *VERY* messy studio lol.

Here’s the link to the “J” hooks that I used to hang my stencils.

They look like this:

J hook

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