#Listers Gotta List and Random Stuff

First of all, there’s this:

Apr 23 weather

Last week, we were having summer-like weather and temperatures, and hubby was playing tennis OUTDOORS!  Today, I woke up to SNOW on my patio furniture.  Ack.  Meh.  Oh well, at least we know it won’t last.

So, this will probably end up being kind of a long, random post, but that’s just the way I roll (blog). 😉

I got a new computer, so had to go through all of my files on my old computer.  Since it’s Thursday, thought I’d share a couple of old photos of family members who are no longer with us.  RIP Bev, Mom, and Nac.  (My aunt, Mom, and sister)

bevangie_edited-1 momnacbeach1995_edited-1

#Listers Gotta List

I came across this new challenge group – Listers Gotta List #listersgottalist (cuz, yep, I need another one lol) – and decided to play along.  Let’s see if I can keep this one up.

It was started by “The Reset Girl” and it’s basically a planner challenge (I don’t really have a planner in the true sense of the word, which makes this even funnier).  I started it because I thought it was something I could do while watching TV at night – “couch art”.  But, I quickly discovered that I can’t really do this challenge without all of my “supplies” nearby.  Cuz, yah, I have a HUGE stash of stuff that I want to use up – (another reason why I decided to do this project).  The photos of these “lists” are all over social media – Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.  It began on April 1st, so I’m already WAY behind, but that doesn’t really bother me.  It’s just about making lists, so I will just participate on my own timeline.

Many participants are using separate journals for this project, but I have so many journals that are partially filled, that I thought I’d try to finish one of my existing journals, which is a Moleskine sketch journal that I used to do a Pan Pastel class with Donna Downey a couple of years ago.  So, I didn’t decorate the cover of this journal.  I did do a “title page” of sorts, though, which is below.

I got the tag (on the left side) from Joanne Sharpe, when I took a class with her a year or so ago.  The “splats” in the background are made with Tim Holtz Distress Stains.


lgl1 lgl2

Page 1 – “Reasons Why I Love Being a Planner Girl”.


Page 2 – “Favorite Songs of All Time”.  I just chose 10 random favorites…I have WAY more than that.lgl4

And, the two page spread:lgl34

That’s as far as I ‘ve gotten so far, but it’s FUN!  If you have any questions at all, or just wanna say “hi”, please leave me a comment!  I always enjoy comments.  🙂

A Face A Day for September

I really enjoy drawing and painting faces.  I haven’t been doing many faces lately, so I decided that I was going to try (again) to do a face a day for a whole month.  I’ve tried this before, and wasn’t able to make it through the whole month.  So, this time, I AM GOING TO DO IT!  🙂  Here’s face #1 – done entirely with Posca Paint Markers, on my recliner (with my TENS machine and my heating pad – my new reality) – while watching the U.S. Open Tennis championships.  The markers definitely have their limits, but it was fun to be able to “paint” without the mess.   Having said that, this one was inspired by Eduard Fleminsky.  His portraits are much more realistic, but he uses color in such a creative way.

Edited to add — I just found a challenge group called ’29 faces’.  so I will be participating in this challenge.


 I’m taking a few online classes right now with some awesome portrait artists, so it should be easy to get inspired and try different styles of faces.  So, my plan for tomorrow’s face is to do a paint-over collage, Tam (Willowing) style.  I’ve done this before, with “so-so” results.  I love the idea of using a magazine image.  I think it helps to train your brain to paint faces, and it’s FUN!  🙂


***Card Tag Complete***


This is how it works.  I will start the tag, by picking a card to lift, and pass my lifted card (via email) to the next person on the list, who will have 24 hours to complete their lift, and send a digitial image of their card to me (via email) to pass on to the next person….and *repeat*!   Easy peasy, right?  FUN!  Once  all 12 cards are complete, I will post all the cards on my blog! 

By agreeing to participate, you are committed!  That means no bailing, and be on time!!!   😉  Oh, and your lift should be recognizable as a lift…kwim?  There’s lots of flexibility to use your creativity – some examples of lifts are:   to use the same colour scheme or products, use the layout (even if you turn it sideways or upside down), the stamp, the embellies….

Please wait until after I have revealed all the cards before you post your card on your blog.  However, feel free to post a little peek on your blog, if you wish, and link to my blog, please.  🙂

The #1 rule is to HAVE FUN! 

Please send me your email address, if you don’t think I have it.  THANKS!


The tag is underway!   

I will update the list as the tag progresses.

So, keep an eye on my blog…it can move very quickly! 


  1. Me – DONE!
  2. Lisa V – DONE!
  3. Angie – DONE!
  4. Chris – DONE!
  5. Amy – DONE!
  6. Alicia – DONE!
  7. Deanne – DONE!
  8. Vickilyn – DONE!
  9. Dalis – DONE!
  10. Terria – DONE!
  11. Guylaine – DONE!

Card Tag Reveal!

Here it is!  The long-awaited reveal of my first card tag!  Actually, it went pretty quickly!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  This was SO much FUN!  I will definitely do another one! 

So, I started the ball rolling with this card from the fabulously-talented, multi design team member, Kimmie!    I just loved this card!  Not only is the stamped image adorable, but this card is gorgeous, too!  This Sarah Kay stamp is definitely on my “wish list”!   This card is Kimmie’s own design, and she said “feel free to use it”!  So, I Did!


So, here’s my lift:

Next, Angie actually had the exact same stamp, but went with pink, black and red!!! 🙂  FAB!




Next, Amy kept with the High Hopes theme, but changed it up a bit:  Love the sentiment!  🙂



Thenen came Sarah…who did an awesome job, despite being admittedly “stamp challenged”!  LOL  Back to purple, tho!  🙂



Lisa was next, and switched it up a bit with monkeys!  🙂  We’re back to pink!


Then came Deanne!  Don’t you just love the pink bling, ric-rak & butterfly?


Next, Janine kept with the pink theme, but went with FUSCHIA and black!  Gorgeous!



Next, Carol rocked this challenge, with fun, bright colours!!




Then came Heather….I’m still trying to figure out how she did that sentiment…is it paper pieced?  LOVE IT!



Okay….then, on to Carla….don’t you just love that bling, and isn’t she the queen of layering???  🙂


Now, the baton was passed to Chris…wow…don’t you just love the embossed clock, and that inspirational sentiment?


And last….but certainly NOT LEAST!  Michy stepped up to the plate to finish things off!


So, that’s it for this round!  Check back in a week or so…I’m planning another one!  🙂