It’s All About Love – Art Journal Spread

I’ve really been enjoying my art journal lately.  I haven’t been feeling great physically, so I’ve only been in my studio for short bits of time here and there, and art journaling fits the bill for this type of creating (for me, anyway!).  I’d like to put together some type of “couch art” kit so that I can do a bit of art while on my comfy chair, with my heat pad on my back, while watching mindless television.

This spread was (once again) inspired by Donna Downey’s “Inspiration Wednesday” class.  There’s lots of texture, and layers, and grunginess…love it.


love love2 love3

Found Poetry – Art Journaling

So, inspired by one of Donna Downey’s “Inspiration Wednesday” lessons, I dug out some book text that I’d had in my stash forever, and randomly glued them down to my art journal.  They were from a children’s book, which I chose because of the large size of the type.  But, little did I know what those pages would reveal.  I can’t recall ever doing this “found poetry” technique before, and having used pages from a children’s book, I didn’t expect to find anything meaningful.  Was I ever wrong.

I haven’t decided whether or not to give it a title, mostly because I can’t come up with anything that fits, so here it is.  The only thing I “edited” was the punctuation.


And, just so that you don’t think I’m really a fabulous poet (lol), who was able to write something meaningful about her life as it happened over the last six months… here’s the journal pages, with the words I “randomly” picked from the children’s book text.  I’m still a little blown away by this.

poetryl poetryrSo, now I will finish this journal page.  Art has, and will continue to get me through ANYTHING.  🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by.  Have you ever tried this technique?  If not, you MUST.  And, please share your results.  I would love to see them!  🙂

Grass in a Glass and Finding Strength – Art Journaling


This is how I start my day.  I call it my grass in a glass.  It’s completely natural, organic, and all fruits and vegetables.  I figure no matter how badly I eat for the rest of the day, at least I start my day in a healthy way lol.  Today’s mixture included kale, wheat grass powder, unsweetened almond milk, flax seeds, half a banana, oranges, and frozen strawberries.  I enjoy the taste of it, and so does my kitty!  lol  She follows me around every time I make one, and won’t stop bugging me until I let her lick a little bit off my finger.  (can you say….spoiled kitty???)

For 2015, I chose an inspirational word to focus on – “STRENGTH”.  I’ve been dealing with a life-changing injury since last May, and also suffered a couple of traumatic losses, which seems to have sapped my strength – both physically and emotionally.  Somehow, I need to find a way to get back to my strong, healthy self.  So, inspired by Donna Downey’s “Inspiration Wednesday” class, I completed this journal spread.  It felt good to get into my journal, and I love the way it turned out – the colors, and the imagery really speak to me.  So, there it is – STRENGTH.  I found it.  🙂

strength strengthl strengthr

Inspiration Donna + Video!

My Inspiration Donna Video is up!  Woo hoo!  lol

I had so much fun making this spread, and video.  Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday video (upon which my spread and video is based) is here.  Her spread is gorgeous!  Mine is much different, even though we used similar products and techniques.