Another Abstract

I completed this painting a few weeks ago, and was letting it sit in my studio, so that I could decide if it was finished.  It is.  This piece was inspired by Karine Swenson’s recent course, “Intro to Abstract Painting“, which is now available as a self-study course here.  This class really helped me to get out of my own head, and let loose and just fling paint.  I loved it.

To start, I did a bunch of  little water color “sketches” to inspire me, and give me a place to start.  This is my little sketch (it’s 4″ x 4″), with the finished piece – acrylic and mixed media(24″ x 24″):

inspiration yellow mellowmyfinished

I started with some texture, using various acrylic textural products, and let that dry.  Then, I started flinging paint, using various acrylic paint products, and mark-making tools.  Here are a few in-progress photos:



And, the finished painting, with a couple of detail shots:



What do you think?  My husband likes it, and even thinks it is worthy of hanging in our new home.  :)


Abstract Painting

I took (yet) another online class – Karine Swenson’s Intro to Abstract Painting offered by Carla Sonheim.  I really enjoyed the class.  She taught me new ways to get inspired and create abstract art.  Ways I never thought of.  Fun.  The only criticism I have is that I didn’t get to see her create a finished painting.  Other than that, I really enjoyed it.  And, I now have access to the class for a year, so I can go back and watch the videos as many times as I want.  Here’s one of my abstract paintings – not sure if it’s complete, but it is definitely close.  This was a piece that I actually started a couple of years ago when I was taking Flora Bowley’s online painting class.  It’s 20″ x 20″. abstract1

Still Loving Faces – Timelapse Video

I am really enjoying learning how to draw and paint faces.  I can’t seem to get enough of it!  It’s true what they say about practice…well, it doesn’t make me perfect, but I am improving.  I was really inspired by Effy Wild’s latest lesson in her Moonshine 2014 class (link on my sidebar).  Here’s my girlie:

Effyfied Girl

And, I made a timelapse video:


The Documented Life Project AND My New Obsession – A Video


Art Journaling Video

Hello my friends!  Just a quick drive-by post, to share my most recent art journaling video, inspired by Lifebook – Tam’s lesson on Paint-over collage.  My girl is a bit cross-eyed, but I still love her.  ;)

Here’s the before and after stills:

after before


And the video:



I’m a Busy Gal! My Thoughts on Taking Online Classes

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but I do plan to change that!  *best laid plans* lol  I have actually made a video….well, it’s about 90% complete.  I recorded a journal flip, followed by some art journaling, but the page evolved into something that I really don’t like.  I know….it’s about the process, so I should post it anyway, right?  Okay.  I’ll either finish it and post the completed video, or I’ll post what I have….what would YOU like?  Leave me a message, and I’ll go with the majority.

So, I thought I would share my thoughts on taking online classes.  I’m taking quite a few at the moment, and I think I may have over-committed myself.  When I do that, I seem to get kind of “stuck”.  It’s like, if I can’t do it all, I won’t do anything at all.  Does that make any sense?  I think it’s the perfectionist in me.  If I can’t do it 100%, then I don’t want to do it all.  It’s like I’ve failed if I only do some of the lessons.  I really have to get over that!  Is anyone else like me?  I’m sure I can’t be the only one who thinks like this.  So, here we go – I’m a little ashamed to post this, but maybe it will motivate me.  Once I “put it out there”, sometimes it helps me to feel accountable?  Does that make sense?  Here goes:

 I’m taking my friend, Effy Wild’s class – Moonshine, which is all about (for me) – painting faces.  But, I have not done even one lesson yet *blush*.  I MUST change that!  It’s not because I’m not inspired by her, (*waving*  Love and Glitter, Effy!) – I just seem to get into this mode of watching others create, but not really doing much myself.  

I signed up (late) for Lifebook, with Tam (Willowing) – but have not done even one lesson yet!  That’s what I did in 2012, too.  For that very reason, I didn’t sign up in 2013. I swore this year would be different!  And, it will, damn it!  ;)  Again, I have watched ALL the videos….but not done a single one.  :(

I’m also taking the live version of Jane Davenport’s “Express Yourself” class.  I took this class a couple of years ago, so it was time for a refresher.  I’ve been drawing and painting faces with Jane!  :)  Yay me!  That was one of my goals for this year.  I can draw faces (if I say so myself), but I haven’t really gotten the hang of painting them.  For some reason, it seems “easier” to do this class, because I’ve done it before. AND, I had the pleasure of meeting Jane in Australia in January!  She is so awesome.  Such a fabulous person, and a VERY talented artist.  *waving*  Hi Jane!!!  Oh, and hi to Orly Avineri (who taught the class), and to Tracy Verdugo (who hosted the class), and to the other Aussie ladies whose names I forgot to get before the class ended.

And, lastly (for now) I am also participating in the Documented Life Project.  This is a free class (unless you take the optional $12.00 class which teaches you how to alter the Moleskine planner).  I haven’t really been doing all of the prompts, but I have been using my planner, so that counts, right?  ;)

I joined The Artstronauts Club – a group with Tracy and Teesha Moore.  This is a much different type of class – it’s not really a class, it’s just a private, hosted website with inspiration videos, downloads, and such.  You pay a monthly fee to have access to whatever gets posted, and they are very generous with sharing their ideas and skills.  I love Teesha’s art journaling style.  I am proud to say that I have actually done a couple of journal pages in her signature style (with my own twist, of course).  I do plan to share them when I get a chance to photograph them.

There are so many classes available now!  I want to join them all, but obviously that’s silly lol.  (is it?)  I would love to hear your thoughts on any classes you are participating in!  PLEASE leave me a comment.  I really do want you to!

But, for now, I’m going to go make some art.  REALLY!  I am going to make some art.  Watch me… ;)

The Documented Life Project and Art Journaling

Since returning home from Australia, I have been feeling uber-inspired, and doing lots of creating.  I’m continuing to enjoy the “Documented Life Project”although I don’t necessarily follow the prompts.  I have been doing my own thing, mostly, and interpreting the prompts my own way.  I snapped a couple of pics of my planner, for your viewing pleasure:






I’ve also been art journaling (in separate journals).  This next spread is probably still a work in progress.  I started it in Australia during my class with Orly Avineri.  I have been adding to it since coming home.


I obviously did this next page in Australia.


And, finally, this page is my current fave.  I did this yesterday, inspired by the most recent prompt in the Documented Life Project – to be inspired by Pinterest.  I was inspired by Kate, of The Kathryn Wheel.  What I have been loving about her recent work, is the use of blues and reds in the same spread. without making purple.  Here’s my page:


That’s it for today!  Thanks so much for stopping by.


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