Because People Will Die Today


Wow. I couldn’t have said it better. These words come to me at the perfect time. I recently lost my Mom. I wish I had read this before she left this world. I didn’t get that chance, but maybe someone else will.

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People die every day.

I realize that this isn’t news to you.

You’re probably not receiving it as a particularly profound idea.

I know you know this reality; that your brain understands it, but I guess I thought your heart needed to be reminded today.

Forgetting is sometimes our greatest failure, our most grievous sin.

People will die today.

People are dying now.

Thousands will simply and stunningly cease to breathe, in the time it takes to read this; fathers, wives, children, friends, mentors, co-workers, neighbors.

Their hearts will beat, and then they will not.

They will be here, and then the hereafter.

For most of the people who die today and those who love them, they won’t see it coming.

The majority of them won’t wake up thinking, “This is the last time I’ll do this.”

They won’t consider that this will be their last trip around the sun, or to work, or to the…

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Moving Day

Newhouse001 Newhouse002 Newhouse003 Newhouse006 Newhouse008 Newhouse010 Newhouse011 Newhouse013 Newhouse014 Newhouse015 Newhouse016 Newhouse017

Moving day has come and gone, and we are loving our new home.  We are still not entirely unpacked, and have lots of stuff on our “to do” lists, but it feels good to be here, with no real deadlines.  Hubby is working on my art studio – the new floor has arrived, and he plans to install it this weekend.  I miss doing art!  But, the unpacking and organizing has been keeping me pretty busy, so it’s probably a good thing.

I took some photos of the inside, before all the furniture arrived.  I thought I’d share those today.

House Update

OMG…I am so excited now!  Our new home is taking shape.  All the pretty stuff is going in now, like the kitchen cupboards, and the beautiful hardwood floors.  I’ve been pretty busy packing, so haven’t done any art, but plan on keeping a few art supplies separate so that I can still play once most of my supplies are packed away.  So here you go…2014-10-02 02.43.27

2014-10-02 02.34.01HouseOct2 2014-10-02 02.34.08HouseOct2 2014-10-02 02.35.14HouseOct2

2014-10-02 02.37.05HouseOct2 2014-10-02 02.38.39 2014-10-02 02.38.54 2014-10-02 02.39.51

Radiant: Faces Starts TOMORROW!

Will you be joining me?

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Three More Weeks….

…until the big move!  We went a checked out the progress of our new home yesterday, and I cannot believe how quickly things are moving, now that we are less than a month away!  Check it out!


Some interior shots of the main floor:

2014-09-19 06.15.51HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.15.55HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.16.22HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.17.19HouseSept19

The back.  The windows you see in this photo are the livingroom and kitchen.  We will have a screened porch on the right, and an open deck on the left.

2014-09-19 06.22.47HouseSept192014-09-19 06.22.35HouseSept19

AND, my favorite room!  My NEW ART STUDIO!  Look at all the natural light!

2014-09-19 06.17.58HouseSept192014-09-19 06.18.14HouseSept19

And, this is my studio from the outside of the house:

2014-09-19 06.22.07HouseSept19 2014-09-19 06.22.11HouseSept19

Woo hoo!  I’m getting excited now.  This is really happening!  :)

House Update and #29Faces

Hello friends! How is everyone out there in Internetland? First, I’m excited to share an update on our new house.  We move in less than a month!  :)


And, on to the #29faces challenge that I committed to participate in.  I haven’t exactly kept up, as the idea is to complete 29 faces during the month of September.  BUT, I’ve been doing my best, given my current life’s circumstances. My first girlie, officially #2, is a paint-over collage ala Tam (Willowing).  I struggled with her, but I’m gonna call her done.  She’s in my art journal, so I will be adding some color and journaling around her.


This next one – officially #3 – is just a little sketch I did while watching TV the other night.  I’ll add some paint to her.


These next three (yep, I’m these as 3 faces lol) – are on canvas.  They are totally inspired by Michael Lang, whose Youtube channel is keeping me up at night.  He is one talented artist.  My goal is to learn his style of painting.  Since I have no plans to sell these pieces, I totally copied some of his faces so that I can follow his video to learn his painting methods.  I find this to be the best way for me to learn a new technique.  The next step in my learning process will be to use my own original drawing, and his techniques.number5and629facesnumber429faces

Being Gentle With Myself

It never fails.  Whenever I try to commit to anything these days, shit happens.  If it isn’t my health, it’s something else.  A dear friend lost her 28 year old son last week, under very tragic circumstances.  I’m still in shock.  To make things even worse for her, she lost her husband just a few years ago under the same circumstances.  I wish I was healthy enough to do more for her, but, sadly, I can only be there in spirit.  I just hope she’s strong enough to get through this.  She does have a lot of support, and two wonderful children, so I think she’ll be okay.  RIP Justin.  :(

Justin Roovers – April 19, 1985 – August 30, 2014


So, I’m being gentle with myself.  Even though I haven’t kept up with the 29 Faces challenge, I have completed one face, and started a few more.  My muse just isn’t co-operating to finish them.  When I do feel creative, my body doesn’t allow me to art for very long before I need to lie down for a while.  *sigh*  I’ve been doing physiotherapy now for a few weeks, and I was just starting to make some progress when I had a setback, which has put me back where we started in terms of progress.  My therapist is encouraging.  She thinks that if we were able to get there before, we can get there again.  I’m just frustrated with the length of time it is taking for this injury to heal.

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